As we have changed the front subframe completely the steering needs to be connected between the new steering column and the rack on the subframe. All the components to be used are from the Jaguar.
Rack and pinion power steering mounted to the subframe and the steering column from another donor XJ6.
The rack is unaltered as such, just needs to be checked for condition and all new seals installed. The mounting point on one side had some damage this was repaired while other welding was being done.
A new shaft was made and connected by universal joints. As there are more than two joints a extra support is needed. This is a special bearing that supports the shaft at mid point.

As the subframe is mounted as it was in the Jaguar, that is on flexible rubber mounting. It has some movement when in use. This movement has to be allowed for in the steering connection. In the first photo of this part you can see the shaft going from the rack through the support bearing. This shaft has a splined section, it is covered by the rubber boot seen here that allows for the subframe movement. It came from another vehicle as the Jaguar one did not work well for this application. And it is an ungainly looking piece anyway, this one works well and looks the part too.

The column had to have a new support member made to fit under the dash. This to bolt it in place. The column has to be a collapsible one to meet modern standards so the original mounting bracket needs to be used as well. Also it has a mounting point at the point where it goes through the firewall, this was fabricated and the column bolted in place. Along with the adjustable top section the indicator unit and a new smaller steering wheel. This will suit the new seats and add to the more modern feel and comfort. As the new steering has power assistance there is no need for the large old type of wheel to turn it.

photos to come yet

The parts were then joined together and we now have a working steering. These shots taken while the fitting was taking place. All is now welded and the system tested. It will now be taken apart for other pieces to be done. All to be replaced for the first inspection.