There are three stages of approval for a vehicle modified in this way.

1. Is to check the structural components and the standard of fabrication and welding. Also the general layout of the components and the connections. As this is in essence a “new ” vehicle everything has to be checked and passed.

Now that all the pieces have been fitted everything is removed and the new brackets etc are all fully welded.
Then it is all assembled again ready for the Inspectors to visit. Nothing has been painted at this stage. That will come later after the First inspection is passed. Then all will be taken apart again. Followed by cleaning, painting and refurbishment of all the mechanical components.

We are almost at this stage after 11 months. A lot of time and effort but we can finally see some results for all of it.

2. Another inspection of all pieces of the puzzle together. Bodywork seats etc.

3. When All is completed the final inspection and test drive.

October 24 2015

Well the First Inspection has been done and all is well. ( woo hoo )
A couple of minor things that need to be done. Some extra gussets to one of the rear suspension points. And a little more strengthening to another two points.
But they were happy with the work so far and I can proceed.
We discussed some of the things yet to be done and they had some advice for a few things.
All of the components can be taken off the Chassis (again) and all the steel can be cleaned and painted. Then the mechanical components need to be checked and refurbished as needed. After that we can start with the final assembly of chassis and drivetrain.
Still a lot to be done but the first stage is completed.