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Uuta 48 Chevrolet

Uuta 48 Chevrolet Ute

This is a Blog to document the Rejuvenation / Restoration of a 1948 Chevrolet Ute. At the beginning we bought a rusty body and chassis in a condition that was best described as "ready for restoration" After a few months of preparation and planning another complete and running Ute was found in much beter condition. So the original body was sold off and the process started again with the new vehicle. The plan is to do a major update of the drivetrain, motor / gearbox etc. to bring it to a "modern" standard. It will be classified as a "Streetrod" for registration purposes and subject to stringent testing of all components and workmanship during construction.

Good luck for 2015

The Planning Posted on Wed, January 07, 2015 13:15:40

Best wishes also for Uuta ! No worry for Hervey Bay, Brian, stay home and work on your car … the main hospital is your garage !!!


The Planning Posted on Sat, August 23, 2014 02:09:35

The overall plan at this stage is to replace the suspension completely. removing the existing front and rear units. Then replace them with Jaguar XJ 6 independent front and rear units. These are a relatively easy fit to the Chevrolet chassis and available at a reasonable cost.
The motor and gearbox are to be late model GMH with an LS1 / 2 motor and a six speed Tremec gearbox.