The old Chevrolet door handles are in need of replacement. Apart from the chrome finish being in bad condition. They do not work as well as they did and the springs tend to be worn making the handles sag.
The handle shown here, you can see the way they hang with the weakened spring. Both doors to be updated with handle from a Jaguar.

So we will use some more of the Jaguar parts we have bought. The door handles from an early model XJ 6 work well and will suit the older style of this Ute.
The old handles have to be removed and a recess made in the door panel.
The replacements are quite good and will look as though they were the original handles
when the steel is painted.

Some photos of the stages to fit them.

A little final finishing needed and then some paint.

The doors have been painted now and have come up well. Just waiting for the paint to harden so the handles can be fitted. Photos of the finished result.