The panel at the rear of the ute need some modification. It can be seen in the photo at the top of the blog. It looks old fashioned and the lights need to be changed to more modern units. To do this we need a new panel made.

The old one was hinged to allow access to the spare wheel, this space is now to be filled with the fuel tank and will not have to be opened.
So it was removed and a new one is to be made.

First I made a test piece to see what the lights will look like. They are led units with brake, tail and indicators combined. Should be much more visible on the roads.
It is taped in place here to assess the location.

Then the new piece was folded . The panel will fit into the space where the old one was fitted and will have a recess for the registration plate and the new lights built in too.

This is the panel fabricated. Still needs some more work and to be painted to match the rest of the original colour. The lights will mount on the flanges each side. The first idea to recess them did not look right so was changed to have them sit higher and be more visible for all angles.

First fitting

Taking shape on the bench
Second fitting

On Again getting the shape now and the lights look pretty good

It still needs some more fitting but a there is little rust repair to do first. The side pieces are rusted under the rear panels, these need to be done before the panel can be fitted finally.

Now there is some rust to repair in the rear quarter. It looks okay on the surface but from behind there is evidence of some rust and bad repairs done in the past. When you realise this is a 67 year old vehicle that has been worked hard it is not to bad. It that time there would have been some “mishaps”. Many others from the same time would be long gone.

Some of the filler that is in this area. It may have been repaired more than once, a vulnerable area when reversing.

The rear panel is finished now and just needs to be cleaned and prepared for paint. The quarter has had the rust repaired, still some finishing needed then it can be painted too.
You can see the previous repairs where the steel has been welded more than once.