The fire wall was in need of some alterations and repair. There were many holes not needed anymore and the wiper motor location had to be changed. As this work has to be done before the motor etc are installed it is to be done early.
The holes were welded and filled and the whole area cleaned and painted. There is also a new section to suit the new pedals and steering column position.
At the bottom of the firewall the transmission tunnel was altered to suit the new gearbox.

This is the firewall as it was before any alterations were done. you can see the many holes and the wiper motor that is to be taken out.
The patch being done for the repair to the wiper area. The many holes shown above were also welded.
Then a coat of epoxy sealer to keep the steel from rusting and to seal for the next layers of paint.
Here it is applied, looking better already

Then more patching and sanding before primer coat and final colour

Now painted with the final coat and looking much cleaner without all of the holes and other pieces not needed now.

Finished with Specification plates fixed in place. Also this is one of the final body colours that have been chosen. The other one yet to be shown.