The chassis works are almost finished. Just need to have the final inspection and get these works signed off. Then the painting can be started.
Before that is done though the exhaust needs to be fabricated so any brackets can be welded in place. The idea being to finish all structural items before the painting is done. This will lessen the chances of having to touch up the paint on the chassis.

So we bought the components for the exhaust. As it is a mixture of parts from different vehicles the system has to be custom made. Stainless steel is the most durable for this job and will last a lifetime, well mine at least.

Mufflers catalyst boxes as well as pipe and bends needed to thread through the chassis.

The mufflers were first laid out and setup temporarily in place. You can see the timbers holding them in place where they will be finally. There are many places where the clearances are tight and so all must be checked before final fabrication.
Suitable rubber mounting points will be added once the system is tacked up.

photo of pieces before starting

The first section from the headers to the Catalysts done and okay so far.

A piece of the pipe and bends in fabrication. Each bend needs to be cut and checked for the correct angles.

One side done up to the mufflers all tacked together until the whole thing is complete. Then all welding can be finished. A temporary tailshaft in place to make allowance for clearance on this part.

A little more done most of the pieces cut and tacked just need to make sure that all is okay with the body in place.
Once this is checked the final welding and mounting points can be done. Sorry about the bad photo it was taken on the Iphone.

Then up and over the driveshafts for the diff and out at the rear. It is a bit tight in here having to miss the fuel tank and axles and come out at the right height.

And almost fully welded, it needs to come out again though for final painting of the chassis. Also in this photo can be seen the new driveshaft from gearbox to the differential. And the tray for the battery is under there as well out of the engine bay as the new motor has taken most of the space in there. The pipework had to be made to go around here and connect in the middle at the same time. This connection makes for a more even pulse helping with tuning and keeping the sound from getting too loud