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Uuta 48 Chevrolet

Uuta 48 Chevrolet Ute

This is a Blog to document the Rejuvenation / Restoration of a 1948 Chevrolet Ute. At the beginning we bought a rusty body and chassis in a condition that was best described as "ready for restoration" After a few months of preparation and planning another complete and running Ute was found in much beter condition. So the original body was sold off and the process started again with the new vehicle. The plan is to do a major update of the drivetrain, motor / gearbox etc. to bring it to a "modern" standard. It will be classified as a "Streetrod" for registration purposes and subject to stringent testing of all components and workmanship during construction.

Good luck for 2015

The Planning Posted on Wed, January 07, 2015 13:15:40

Best wishes also for Uuta ! No worry for Hervey Bay, Brian, stay home and work on your car … the main hospital is your garage !!!

Motor and Gearbox

Modifying the Drivetrain Posted on Wed, January 07, 2015 10:45:20

With Christmas break coming up I am planning to get some hours in on the chassis works. First I have collected together some materials so that I do not run short while the suppliers are closed.
Pieces of steel and various consumables all stocked up ready to go.
So home from work in Hervey Bay finally I am able to get some time on the project.

This first photo shows the engine sitting in place temporarily as it still has the original sump on it. This will be replaced with another reverse type that will allow the motor to be mounted lower and give more clearance around the steering rack. And another bonus is there is much more room for changing the oil and filter.
A photo below shows the difference between the two. I got this as a bonus with the LS 1 motor, bought by the previous owner but never fitted.

The engine was removed after the first fitting and the sump changed. Then I started to fabricate the new engine mounts. Followed by the mounting for the transmission. The original transmission crossmember was in a usable position but needed some alteration to suit the new Gearbox. Note the rubbish on the floor that was removed from inside the old cross member.

So gearbox mounted on an original mounting bracket, and motor on fabricated brackets on the chassis and motor. Most of the welds are just tacked at present, all welding will be done later when everything is finalised and does not need to be moved.