I had only just begun the work on the chassis having dis-assembled all the body work. And made an assessment of the work to be done. It was extensive with lots of rust to be cut out. All achievable but time consuming.
When the unexpected happened. Another Ute came along in really good condition and at a price that could not be passed up. These things do not come along very often and in this condition even more rarely. So arrangements were made to have it bought by transport from Townsville.

So plans have changed. After I have given this one a good examination the plans will be made again. Still a “street rod” but there will be nowhere near the amount of body repairs to be done. This will mean a huge saving in the overall time need for the project.

My work commitments are limiting the amount of hours that I have for this project, so the decision was made to buy this unit that will not need so many hours to repair the rust etc. Not to mention the parts that are missing that needed to be found or fabricated.

This one is complete in all aspects. To all intents and purposes ready for a run around the block
I am waiting for it to be delivered. Just had a phone call from the previous owner to say it had been picked up and is on the way.

Well she/he has arrived. And the work has begun. It is in good condition having had some repair work done a few years ago, mostly not too bad. A couple of sections that need to be redone but considering the age ( 66 years ) I am happy with it.

The amount of work needed compared to the other body is small.
So a couple of photos as it arrived and the start of the strip down.

I will evaluate each part as they come off and decide what needs to be done. A lot of the panels will need nothing more than a clean up and a good coat of POR 15.